Your vacation is waiting! Book your stay with high standards of safety and privacy with MLV! Check out our new Covid-19 policy!


As you are seeking a getaway for the summer we are here to offer you your small private piece of paradise while in absolute safety. Our MLV portfolio of luxury villas in Mykonos provides the ideal place for you and your loved ones to revitalize and recharge your batteries without risk. We care about your well-being and that is why we have upgraded our housekeeping standards and educated our staff about latest health protocols.

Our strictly selected upscale villas offer abundancy of space for our guests to spend their time with family and friends and rejoice. On the premises of our villas you will find a variety of luxury amenities like private pools, hot tubs, and landscaped exterior, and outdoors activities, to help you unwind your loved ones you have dearly missed these past few weeks. MLV is here to help you book a much needed vacation, while assuring the highest of standards for you and your loved ones.

In these uncertain times for and globetrotters, our priority rests with the safety and well-being of our esteemed clients. We have established a set of new policies to offer you the relaxation you need, in accordance with the new landscape that has been established by the virus.


Good hygiene and cleanliness has always been on top of our list and is now more important than even. In order to guarantee a sanitized environment, we have also established a set of extra rules:

  • Adherence to health policies from the MLV Team Members: distance keeping, frequent hand- sanitation, mask and gloves usage, etc.;
  • More amenities for hand washing and sanitation available at your villa during your stay;
  • Protection kit at Check-in that will include mask, gloves, hand sanitizers and antibacterial tissues;
  • Frequent cleaning and villa sanitation by our experienced cleaning crews;
  • Extra cautionary measures for cooking products and meal preparation;
  • Constant information and implementation of the latest protocols announced by the European Union and the World Health Organization.




In MLV we are always looking out for you! We want you to let your hair down, cherish your every moment at Mykonos and let us worry about the rest! We have your back at all times and that is why we are extra cautious during this pandemic.

Exclusively for our guests, we have:

  • An appointed doctor on-call, alert to visit our premises if needed;
  • Direct communication with Mykonos hospital and clinics on the island.


We value our clients deeply and our aim is to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Embark on a relaxing journey without worrying about cancellation fees, rebooking charges and trip arrangements.

MLV- Mykonos Luxury Villas has altered its policies to make your life easier:

  • Only 25% down payment is required for bookings made for season 2020;
  • The payment of the second deposit is to be made 14 to 30 days before the scheduled arrival, depending on each villa’s policy;
  • In case you will not able to travel to Mykonos and the stay at your villa due to any restrictions in relation to the Coronavirus situation, you may inform us about it and cancel your stay up to 14 days in advance with no extra costs;
  • In case of cancelation, a credit voucher will be issued, equal to the amount that you have paid for this reservation which will be valid for use for 18 months after the official cancellation date, and may be used within this period, exclusively for re-booking the same villa for any number of overnights (subject to the minimum/maximum stay policy per season and availability);
  • If the total value of the re-booking exceeds the value of the voucher, then extra costs will apply, according to rates and availability for the rebooked period.


We are looking forward to welcoming you again to Mykonos this summer!


The MLV Team