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Koo club santorini

koo club santorini

Koo Club is found in Fira designed in a tropical setting with palm trees and an indoor dance floor that is in total contrast with its sultry ambience and high energy action which reaches a crescendo when the dance floor becomes packed with gyrating bodies who let them be carried away by the pulsating rhythms of the music. The music is tended by a single DJ mixing a mostly techno soundtrack of summertime hits and radio favourites.   ...
Sun spirit cocktail bar

sun spirit cocktail bar

Sun Spirit cocktail bar in Oia, with a fine selection of refreshing cocktails and a wide choice of Santorinian wines made from local grapes that are unique to the dark volcanic soil of the region. All kind of people from all over the world visit this unique bar in order not only to enjoy its spectacular cocktails but the breathtaking colourful sunset as well. ...
Tranquilo Beach Restaurant

tranquilo beach restaurant

Tranquilo is a lovely chill-out bar right on the beach. Sunbeds are on one side and the bar is just across the street. Tranquilo is famous for its cocktails. I find their mojito to be the best one on the island. By far. They also have a great menu if you would like something to go with your cocktail. Or if you don’t drink cocktails and you just want something to eat. As a bonus, there are many vegetarian choices.  ...
Jojo Beach Bar

jojo beach bar

Jojo beach bar is one of the most famous beach bars in Santorini, especially known for the parties they host so be sure to check what is on when you visit. With a beautiful relaxed setting, you can choose the sunbeds on the beach or the pool area across the street. The pool area is where parties take place. Loud tunes, big swimming pool, big crowds. If you are after a good party in the afternoon, this is just the right place for you. Keep in mind, the parties usually end at around 23.00-24.00.  ...
Theros beach restaurant

theros beach restaurant

Theros Wave Bar is a hidden gem to relax and spend a wonderful time in this paradise-like place in one of the most beautiful beaches of the southern Santorini, at Vlychada. It comprises an oceanfront complex featuring an organized beach with fabulous lounge beds, and a beach bar & restaurant area. It is fully equipped with great beds and a unique atmosphere, to enjoy a perfect massage and practice your yoga class. Experience the unique flavors of its famous cuisine along with great cocktails enjoying their excellent service under the hot Santorinian sun. ...
Tango Bar

tango bar

Tango bar is one of the most famous bars on Santorini offering a mesmerizing panoramic view of the caldera, at the premium area Fira. This beautiful bar due to the open-air roof offers a clear view of Santorinian sky full of sparkling stars while the decoration is surprisingly stylish mixing elements of modern Athenian and native Cycladic design. Definitely, is the number one choice for many visitors from May until October from the spectacular view that offers to the delicious cocktails the experienced bartenders make. ...
Wet Stories beach bar

wet stories beach bar

Wet Stories is another one of the famous beach bars in Santorini. There are lounge chairs, sunbeds and giant bean bags you can choose from to chill out on the beach. You can also play beach volley or you can go to the bar across the streets if you want to party. Wet Stories is also good if you are looking to eat something on the beach. Gets louder in the afternoon, especially when there is a guest Dj or a live show. The cocktails will not disappoint you. As a bonus, I quite like that every umbrella has an electric charging point for mobile phones and a small safe to put your things inside when you go for a swim.  ...
SeaSide by Notos Beach Restaurant

seaside by notos beach restaurant

Seaside by Notos is a restaurant, but it had to be on this list simply because it has a super romantic setting for you to enjoy and also because they make amazing cocktails. They update their cocktail list every year, but for sure you can find something you like on there. Plus you can enjoy it on a huge lounge chair by the sea. Perfect place if you want to start off your night with something quiet.  Also super romantic in the evening, which makes it an ideal place for a date away from all the crowds. You can call in advance to book your sunbed/ table. You can also arrange for a private dinner right on the beach, just for the two of you. ...
Chilli Beach Restaurant

chilli beach restaurant

Chilli Beach Bar was renovated in 2016 and is now a relaxing bar/restaurant on the beach. The atmosphere is lovely, the food is great and the staff very very friendly. Every now and then, they do a full-on Greek bbq, so if you happen to pass outside, follow your nose and join the fiesta. Chilli is right next to Wave Sports, so you could go for a drink after your jet ski ride. You will discover a very interesting cocktail list. It will surely intrigue you. Try their own “Hot Chilli” cocktail.  ...
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