Car Rental

We are proud to offer to our clients a wide range of luxurious car models.

With the help of our carefully selected local partners, we deliver brand-new car models, of every size and type, aiming at accommodating every need and at meeting even the most demanding car rental expectations. There is a wide variety of luxury high standard vehicles for every taste of our esteemed clients, offered at competitive prices, which can guarantee a perfect, comfortable and safe transportation during your vacation. Our company can ensure high quality and luxurious traveling while wandering around Santorini Island!

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Exclusive Cars

A wide collection of vehicles is at your disposal to choose from, depending on your needs and desires. You may find luxurious SUV models of famous car brands, to enjoy the rocky and mountainous landscapes of the island, or explore the remote virgin beaches. But you may also find impressive street cars, to stroll around the island and wave your hair to the cycladic wind. Your options do not end there, as scooters, bikes, and ATVs are also available for your convenience and faster transportation around the island.


Delivery Service

Our esteemed local partners, with a long presence on the island of Santorini, offer high-end services and quality transportation solutions. Their knowledge of the island and the visitors’ needs is precious and they make sure to satisfy and facilitate the clients in every way. For that reason, they feature the vehicle delivery service, for you to choose where and when you would like for your car to be delivered and picked up according to your schedule and preference.

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