A variety of boats and yachts is available for the clients who enjoy day trips at the sea or those who are dreaming of a unique onboard party under the glowing sun or the sparkling stars

Take a day trip in a traditional boat, an inflatable one or a luxury motor yacht to the ancient island of Delos and Mykono’s neighboring Aegean islands, where you can discover magical virgin beaches beyond imagination. Highlight this day by organizing a celebration or a cocktail party for your family or friends. Our concierge services team is always eager to cater to your every need and make this an unforgettable yachting experience.

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Exclusive Charters

Effortlessly blending a sense of glamour and luxury in your tailored holiday is the service of yacht chartering during your stay. Choose the ideal luxurious yacht for your excursions in Santorini and do not forget to spoil yourself as well as your friends with on-cruise services. Our expert chefs are here to take care of you on your yacht charter, preparing finger food to enjoy on a virgin beach or an elegant dinner party on board. Always aiming to cater to your personal needs our MLV Team is always there to arrange any additional services so as to assure the ultimate chic character of your trip.


Sea Adventures

For fast travels and adventures during your Santorini holiday, you may choose from a wide variety of speedboats. Sail in the Aegean and gather exquisite memories, with awe-inspiring views in the middle of the deep blue sea. Explore remote beaches, enjoy privacy, and have complete fun when booking your speedboat for a day, or even a whole week. The enchanting waters of Santorini are sure to inspire deep emotions and numerous unique moments.

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