Traveling with a charter is the greatest personalized and the highest quality luxury service

MLV clients have the advantage not only to select their ideal private jet or helicopter and enjoy an elegant and secure journey either to Santorini or from Santorini but also to choose their preferred departure time and airport. Cooperating with carefully selected partners, we have access to a large variety of quality charter planes and helicopters to offer a magical and unforgettable experience of scheduling your private charter flight and traveling comfortably to every destination in luxury and privacy on time.

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Private Jet

Santorini is a busy island with multiple flights arriving and departing daily, however, none of them may suit you and your group when visiting. We, through our trusted partners and network, are delighted to offer you the ultimate comfort and arrange a charter jet according to your needs and preferences. You only need to let us know about your desired amount of people and departing point and we will promptly provide you with quote and availability on our top quality operating partnering private jets.



Airports can be busy and crowded, and so can be commercial flights and planes. If you want total privacy and exclusiveness, as well as speed and quality in your air travels, we can cover your needs and arrange top quality helicopters and experienced pilots, through our trusted partners. You can use your helicopter just for traveling around, or even for short excursions around the Aegean islands, to watch the coast impressive coasts and enjoy the view from above.


Your tailored concierge assistance

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